Lifehouse bistro

Lifehouse is a small family owned health food 100% vegan bistro in the centre of Prague since 2017. All products are in-house made from fresh, 100% plant-based ingredients. We don't use any artificial or highly processed additives and that's why we can deliver a naturally wonderful taste of all food and drinks from our menu. By all means you can be sure your body will receive plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.

When the health food tastes amazing

Our kitchen's basic elements are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and spices - all combined together to perform with their valuable natural flavour and aroma in the final product.

Food against fatigue

Because we don't use any artificial or highly processed hard-to-digest ingredients, you can be sure that after every meal you will feel pleasantly full without any uncomfortable fatigue asociated feelings.

"Great ingredients are the real value"

  • Ingredients that we use:

  • ✔️100% pland-based ingredients
  • ✔️Himalayan salt
  • ✔️Agave nectar (ORGANIC)
  • ✔️Fresh home-made pland based milk
  • ✔️Fresh home-made cashew cream
  • ✔️Sourdough
  • ✔️Tamari (ORGANIC)
  • Ingredients that we avoid:

  • ❌Animal products
  • ❌Table salt
  • ❌White sugar
  • ❌Animal milk
  • ❌Flour as a thickener
  • ❌Baker's yeast
  • ❌Soy sauce